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Taser (2023)

Sharif International School of THEISM: East & West (3)

The third course of the event focusing on Nature: Natural Kinds, Laws of Nature, and Purposefulness was held on October 2023. This course, with the presence of ten international and Iranian professors, hosted interested people for one week. The first day started with Dr. Seyed Hassan Hosseini’s speech at the opening of the school, where a brief description of the goals of the event, the future vision of this program, and the manifesto of these schools were presented. Then Prof. Stephen Law started his lecture on “Natural Kinds: Kripke, Putnam, and Metaphysical Essentialism” and then Prof. Robin Collins gave two lecture sessions on “Fine-Tuning of Cosmos and Design Argument”. The program of the second day began with two sessions of Dr. Rouzbeh Zare’s lectures on “Considerations about Teleology and Their Implications for Teleological Arguments”, and ended with the speech of Prof. Nancy Murphy entitled “The Christian Perspective on Natural Laws”. On the third day of this school, Prof. Denis Alexander talked about “Are We Slaves to Our Genes?”, and the origin of this viewpoint throughout history. Then Prof. John Sanders gave a speech entitled “the Human Mental Tool Set for Conceptualization”. The third day of the course, finished with Prof. Elliott Sober’s lecture on “Must Causal Propositions and Laws of Nature be Empirical?”. On the last day of school, Prof. Tyler Hildebrand discussed the topic “Metaphysics of Laws of Nature”, and Prof. Nancy Murphy gave her second speech. This school ended with the closing words of Dr. Hosseini, director of the course.

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